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Only Saab GB plus 1 owner. The second owner has had the car since it was a year old. The car has a full main dealer history as follows. . 8, 889 ASTLEY SAAB 25, 513 ASTLEY SAAB 40, 726 ASTLEY SAAB 54, 095 ASTLEY SAAB 68, 632 ASTLEY SAAB 85, 748 ASTLEY SAAB 102, 782 ASTLEY SAAB . The car will have a new MOT and lubrication service before going to the next keeper.


The car has covered in excess of 100, 000 miles and is 8 year old so there will be signs of use. . . however as you can see from the multiple photographs the car is a really clean example of its type. The car appears not to have been smoked in and is animal odour free. The are no major bumps or scuffs just the usual mileage related stone chips.


As you might expect of a car with full Saab main dealer history it does drive very well. The 9-3 Aero turbo diesel uses the superb 180 bhp version of Saab's DTR twin turbo TTiD power unit. The engine is designed to provide instant throttle response throughout the rev range. Two turbochargers, one small, one large, are used. When the driver presses the throttle, the smaller turbo is able to react faster than the bigger unit, so from idle to 1, 500rpm, it is used. From there, the second turbocharger is brought into play, while from 3, 000rpm on, the larger one works on its own. This gives the car very responsive mid-range acceleration and makes for a very relaxed driving technique. You hardly ever need to change down you just press a little harder on the accelerator and let the engines torque do the work. A very impressive machine to drive .

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