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A really well looked after car with history as follows Dealer Comments 08/12/2016 119, 374 G & M Smith Auto's Willenhall CAM BELT REPLACED. 14/12/2015 109, 705 Autocare Hissey's Garage Stoke on Trent 19/02/2015 91, 727 Autocare Hissey's Garage Stoke on Trent 14/08/2014 81, 433 Autocare Hissey's Garage Stoke on Trent 03/01/2014 73, 768 Pinkstones MG 28/12/2012 61, 012 Bagnall Saab Birmingham 02/12/2011 41, 507 Stratstone Saab Birmingham 22/10/2010 33, 627 Stratstone Saab Birmingham 19/03/2010 26, 722 Greenwood Huddersfield


The car has done a high miles so there will be an element of wear but as you can see from the photographs it still looks the business . The car smells neither of smoke or animals . There are no major scuffs , dents or scratches just the odd stone chip. The interior is clean and tidy and there are no rips or tears . A very nice car for the money .


Saab's TTiD engine has been designed to provide instant throttle response throughout the rev range. Two turbochargers, one small, one large, are used, when the driver presses the throttle, the smaller turbo is able to react faster than the bigger unit, so from idle to 1, 500rpm it is used. From there the second turbocharger is brought into play, while from 3, 000rpm on, the larger one works on its own. There are three versions of the TTiD power unit, a 130 bhp engine, the more common 160 bhp and then the more powerful 180 bhp variant as fitted to the Aero variant, the 180 bhp version of this engine produces 400 Newton Metres of torque! A really quick car with enough space for the dog in the back .

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